Sunday, March 17, 2013

Migrating from Google Reader to Feedly

Google announced on March 14th that they will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1st.  This was surprising to me because I've been using Google Reader for years.  But I guess if they can't get a lot of users then it's not worth keeping up.

Recently I posted an article reviewing an RSS feed reader called Feedly.  I've been using their reader on my iPad, Android phone, and just recently they've developed a Chrome client (much thanks!).

So I immediately wondered - what will happen when Google Reader shuts down??  Since Feedly is getting all my RSS subscriptions from Google, will the world end for Feedly when the infamous July 1st comes?

It turns out... not so much.

Feedly has us users taken care of.

It turns out that the developers of Feedly have been expecting for Google Reader to run it's course and have been working on a project called Normandy which is a clone of the Google Reader API.  When Google Reader shuts down, Feedly will transition over to it's new backend.  All without us users ever knowing the difference.

That's great service!

So if you're a Feedly user, who relies upon Google Reader for subscription information, don't fret - you need not do anything.  For all others who only use Google Reader, sign up with Feedly now and the transition will be seamless for you.

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