Monday, March 11, 2013

Google has Updated Gmail's Mobile App

This morning Google released updates to the Gmail mobile app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire users.  The improvements are nice touch to an interface that has went far too long without a makeover.  The pale blue colors of the older interface are gone and replaced with a smooth, crisp, look and feel that is very similar to the Sparrow email client that was developed for the iPhone.  Which isn't surprising since Sparrow was recently purchased by Google in July 2012.

The Gmail client still allows users to work in both an online or offline mode.  Users can also label emails, move to folders, mark as unread, or mark emails with a star to remember for later.

The only feature that this interface is still missing under iOS is the back and next buttons.  Android has the back button built into the hardware but this is still a nice feature that should be a native application function.

I'm glad to see Google updating their user interfaces.  If only they could update their regular email client, along with their Calendar and Contacts applications.  The Sparrow team has done well with this interface... hopefully they continue.  :)


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