Friday, August 31, 2012

First Shift by Hugh Howey - A Book Review

In the past 8 months I've been reading sci-fi books like a maniac.  One author that I've come to respect is Hugh Howey.  I really enjoy his writing style and his character development.  The book that I just finished is called First Shift.  I bought the book through Amazon and have been reading it on my Kindle. 

FYI:  If you haven't yet bought a Kindle - what are you waiting for?  The time has come for you to take a leap into the future and buy one.  I love being able to read on my Kindle, my computer, my iPhone, and my iPad (there's an app for them all).

First Shift is a prequel to Wool, which is the first 5 books of the Silo Series.  However, I'd advise to not read First Shift before Wool.  Instead, you should read them in the order the author wrote them.  It makes reading First Shift all the better.

First Shift is a story about a man who gets elected into Congress and gets caught up in designing something here feared would be used.  In the future not only has man furthered nanotechnology enough to make drugs that can target specific parts of the body but they've also made the perfect weapon.  Ultimately a weapon that can lead to the downfall of man and make them forget it ever happened.

The story leaves you wanting more and fortunately Howey's already started his next book, Second Shift.

You can find more information about Hugh Howey and his other books at his website,  His latest book is called I, Zombie and it too looks like a good read.


  1. Hi Trey. I did recently buy a Kindle, and have been working my way through 100+ year old HG Wells and Jules Verne sci-fi. (Public domain = free!!)

    Good to read your voice again. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Rob! I found several really good reads on Amazon for free. But even most of the newer ones are under $5. I already have a list of must-reads going so let me know if you have suggestions. I hope all is going well!